NARLO was formed as a response to draconian land use ordinances that were passed throughout the U.S. and have had vociferous opposition from rural landowners.

The National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO)

The National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) is a powerful organization dedicated to fighting to protect eroding private property rights, especially for America's rural landowners, and to return this great land of ours to the Constitutional Republic. The following picture depicts our "enemy" within.

A triangle with the words " freedoms are being stolen " underneath it.

"The brutal reality is that only a ground swell of national rural outrage will reverse the course of socialism and environmental extremism in America and return us to the Constitutional Republic. Farmers, ranchers, and rural landowners could very well be the catalyst to incite that outrage. Because the land is their power, if they will only use that power ……... before they lose it, forever."

We have formed the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) to give voice to the rural land owner. Here's why. The government, at the urgings of national and international socialists and environmentalists, has done an extremely good job of drastically changing this country with a heavy social and radical environmental agenda. Most of the agenda was born in the United Nations at three UN conferences in Sweden, Brazil, and South Africa.

One of the more egregious policy papers came out of the Rio de Janeiro Conference in 1992. It was entitled Agenda 21, and Agenda 21 drives a good portion of our current social and environmental laws coming out of the US Congress. (see AGENDA 21) You won't believe it. Most of these policies directly violate one or more sections of the U. S. Constitution. Those laws then drive State and local laws. As a result, all throughout America, rural landowners are now asked to bear the entire burden of environmental protection while city folk get off scot-free. In King County, WA, Agenda 21 goals indirectly filtered down to and became the County's Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO). It was billed on Fox News (prime time, The Fox Report, June 30, 2004) as "the worst taking of private property in the history of the Nation". Environmentalists couldn't wait for King County's CAO to become entrenched in local land use policy so that they can use it as a poster child for environmental protection throughout America. We let them do it at our own peril.

We were one of the prominent leaders in the fight against King County's CAO. But this fight with King County is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as these ordinances have become commonplace in America and are partially driven by State law (Growth Management Act-GMA), many Federal laws (Endangered Species Act-ESA), and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and SMART GROWTH policies, which were hatched in the United Nations. We are convinced the only way to win this fight is to go after the head (GMA and ESA) instead of wasting time on the tail (CAO) that is a symptom of a much greater cause. To that end, we have formed NARLO to take this fight to the "cause" rather than fighting small skirmishes against the "symptoms". It was our intent that King County's CAO would be the "SHOT" heard 'round the Nation, and we intend to make it the war cry for rural landowners, not only in Washington state but in every state in the Nation.

Your enemy (the socialists, radical environmentalists, and the Government that aids and abets them) is well-trained, well-financed, and they have the majority votes. The environmental groups that drive these politicians are some of the richest organizations in the World. We are told that the top five environmental groups (out of over 4,000) have assets in excess of $10 Billion. They also are able to enlist huge numbers of "soldiers" from the ranks of city-folk and socialists who have no compunction about fiercely lobbying our Government, at all levels, to further their cause of UN-sponsored international socialism and environmental extremism. We say that:


We must be able to expose what the government and the environmentalists are doing and why they are doing it. Our intent is to let more and more rural landowners know what is being done to them in the name of radical environmentalism that only affects rural landowners. Our plan enlists the help, assistance, and support of thousands of rural landowners all across America. Our simple plan lays out an outline for what rural landowners can do in their own locations to aid in this exposure and to educate other rural landowners. Our plan calls for alerting rural landowners to our efforts through our weekly articles and by appearing on talk radio all across America. We are going to light the fire of freedom and keep it lit for as long as it is necessary.

So unless we are willing to come to Government meetings en masse, unless we are willing to join with and support our fellow landowners who fall victim to the government's wrath, unless we are willing to give up a little of our creature comforts, and more importantly unless we are willing to fork over some of our money to those who are fighting this cause with all of their heart and soul, we are going to lose our land, and we who are fighting this battle will go down in flames and public embarrassment. In the end, our freedoms and liberty will be breached, never to return. Just try to imagine the United States where the U. S. Constitution is not the supreme law of the land and where we are ruled by laws (and ordinances) that pay no attention, nor have any allegiance, to this supreme law. Does the Soviet Union come to mind? In fact, we are witnessing nothing less than the Sovietization of America. Politicians have created a rogue, out-of-control government that would steal our land by ordinance in violation of our Constitution. They would strip our right-of-use to the point where our ownership is rendered barren and valueless. They would steal our tax money for nefarious "do-gooder" social policies. They would have us live as serfs rather than proud and free Americans; we have every right to be.

Unless we organize and continue this fight, unless we get angry, unless we take action, without a doubt, the Republic that we know and love and what the founding fathers envisioned is going to die a slow, agonizing, and wrenching death. It's already showing telltale signs. Unless we come together in a cohesive fighting unit, our freedoms and liberty shall fade into the dark chasm of socialism and radical environmentalism. Unless we come together for a while and set aside our individualism and total independence or our apathy and be willing to join with others who are fighting this WAR against Government excesses, our children and grandchildren will have to live in the invisible chains of the New World Order, perpetrated on all of us by internationalists who want our money and our land. Make no mistake, they are well on their way to getting it. Are we going to stop them, or are we going to just sit there and let them do it? We here at NARLO know how to stop them. Do you? If you knew what we have learned and now know, you wouldn't be able to wait to get involved.

This great country of ours is supposed to be a country of WE, THE PEOPLE, not THEM, THE GOVERNMENT. WE, THE PEOPLE, have been hiding under a rock, and if you let the government and the radicals that lobby them have their way, it won't be New York's Twin Towers that will have tumbled down; it will be our whole way of life and the very foundation that made and kept us free, up until now. The fact is that the socialists and the environmentalists can't wait to claim victory. Other Americans are looking to us right now to show our collective courage and show these government types, socialists, and radical environmentalists how real Americans act when their freedoms are endangered. Unless we are willing to fight to save this Republic, then we must suffer the consequences and then not complain when we come face-to-face with the Government we allowed to exist. Either band together with those of us that are fighting this war and stop them in their tracks, or do nothing and wave goodbye to freedom, liberty, and WE THE PEOPLE. It's your choice. Don't stand on the sidelines and let others fight your battle for you. Take part in your freedom and liberty.